The most beautiful things


It is still quite chilly outside, but the ice-wrapped tree limbs keep catching my attention and I almost want to go find a hill to sled down. Almost…

Instead, let me share a collaborative poem with you. The lines were written by a group of seniors I meet with every other week, who live in Hebron, CT at an independent/assisted/memory senior care facility. I prompted, they wrote and then I collected their work and put it together in a what would be considered a ‘found’ poem, meaning none of the lines are mine. All theirs.

We talked for awhile about what we consider beautiful – to see, to smell, to taste, etc. Then I asked them to free write. This is their poem.


I find beauty
in an Arcadia sunrise
and time with my family
kayaking, laughing
smelling beach roses in Maine.
The hills and lakes of Alaska
purple mountains in the distance
water birds by the water’s edge
small country towns
and the sound of church bells.
The soft of a beaver pelt in Jackson Hole
my husband in a cowboy hat
the birth of my first child
and the first snowfall of the season.
Sunday dinners with family
and the smell of turkey, wood-stove smoke
and chocolate chip cookies
just out of the oven.
Handwritten notes sent in the mail.

The sky is a painting –
red reflects the thin grey
of wispy clouds
the horizon is gold
transitory in time
soon to be gone
but remains in the mind.

The colors will fade from view
but the knowledge that morning may be a repeat
welcomes us to a new day.

Collaborative poem by Colebrook Writers


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